More Tales from the Igloo, 1986, As Told by Agnes Nanogak

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Published in 1986, "More Tales from the Igloo" is the follow up to "Tales From the Igloo," published in 1972 and listed separately --and I highly recommend buying the two together! If I had the means I'd become a great collector of Inuit art, but as I don't, the Alice (Goose) Nanogak drawings in these two book are the next best thing---the perfect books to read aloud snuggled up together (with kids or adults) taking in the drawings and stories together. 

This volume features 22 stories divided into three sections: Tales of Birds and Beasts,  Tales of Adventure, and Tales of Sorrow and Revenge, with drawings by Nanogak throughout. At turns inspiring, brutal, and provocative, the stories or fables are specific to the Inuit population of the Western Canadian Arctic where Nanogak was born and raised. 

6 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 3/4". 116 pages. Hardcover, with glossy paper dust jacket. Like new condition.