Beautiful Old Japanese Cobbler's Templates, A Pair

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I sold a pair of these several months ago but had set aside two more to enjoy myself for a while before offering them up. I know that these were brought back from Japan years ago, retrieved from the archive of a shoemaker's workshop long since closed. I don't know enough about shoe or boot construction to read them as patterns, but believe the quilt like collaging of silver and gold paper and blue and white fabric mark pieces to be cut and seams to be sewn. I just find them just very beautiful found objects--very Japanese and also very contemporary feeling. I believe they date to the early 20th c.

Sold as a pair. First image is composite photos, size relation to each other may be just very slightly off. Top (with blue): 12" x 5 3/8". Bottom (boot shape): 12 3/4" x 6 7/8. Both in very good condition, with cloth backings and not fragile and with no loose bits, better in person and changing as the light hits the silver and gold foil.