Matte Green Arts and Crafts Pottery Jardiniere

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In my dreams are beautiful wood paneled rooms filled wth nothing but books and plants potted in matte green jardinieres like this one! What could be better?! I think I'd plant this one with a mock orange or little lemon tree, whose white buds then bright fruit would make the green seem all the richer. So pretty.

I am not 100% certain the maker of this piece; I have seen very similar described as Roseville, Weller, and also Zanesville. The shape of the feet and underside make me think Weller, but I am not expert. In any event, the glaze is lush, the form super elegant, and the condition very good; there is wear and staining to the interior, but no chips, cracks, or scrapes that I can see. Some irregularity to the glazing, original to the piece. 

7 3/4" widest diameter, 7 3/4" across at lip; 6" tall.