Marvelous Antique Naive Marching Band Drawing on Inside School Book Cover

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One of my very favorite drawings I've ever found, and just the sort I'm forever opening old school books in hopes of discovering but never do. I can imagine few characters better than these musicians lined in their blue caps and suits, with wonderfully distinctive faces, surely based on real people, and this perfect yellow for horn and trumpet and drum. The hand of the figure pressing the buttons of his trumpet from above is my very favorite detail, but the three feet lined up below the large drum is a close second. And then also, along the right edge when the paper wore, there's a little pencil drawing underneath peeking out, looking rather like an eye or a little face! So good, and will be spectacular framed up.

11’” x 8 1/8”, with some losses to the drawing along the edges as evident, and a rough left edge from where it met the spine, but I think these just add to its ambiance. Late 19th c I believe. On the reverse is the printed back cover of the book it was part of, which shows a depiction of the J.G Brill Co in Philadelphia, which manufactured streetcars, coaches and railroad cars.