Lovely Vintage Wabanaki Footed Sewing Basket with Curlicues

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Either Penobscot or Micmac (Northeastern Native American, Wabanaki encompasses both), this beautifully executed, excellent condition braided sweetgrass and dyed ash splint sewing basket I believe likely dates to the mid 20th century or just a bit earlier. This is the first I've found with three charming little braided feet, and then a lovely, wave-like curlicue design on top. The interior shows the original intense color, now mellowed to a softer red on the exterior, all to the good I think.

5 5/8" in diameter x 5 5/8" tall. Overall excellent condition. Most often one sees a little breakage to the splints at the very center of the lid on these here there is visible bend, but not a split.