Lovely Presumed Earlyish 20th C. Articulated Artist Mannequin with Warm Patina

Regular price $150.00

I'm always admiring antique and older vintage artist mannequins like this, but have found it rare to find one without an exorbitant price tag. This one I believe is early 20th c. with a fantastic warm dry wood patina. It stands (or sits or kneels, etc...)  on its own in many positions, with every joint moving easily and holding tight. I had forgotten how much fun it is to pose these mannequins because of their complete manipulability--which of course is the point! Yes, the 19th c. ones with carved faces are amazing, but this is really a nice one.

15" t x 3 3/4" w with arms down. Very good presumed antique (or if not antique, very close to 100 years old) condition.