Little Painted Brick House!

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I walked in to a recent estate sale and this little house was the very first thing I saw, given pride of place on its own little shelf in the entry way! While the estate sale took place in a relatively new condo, it was filled with the lifetime accumulation of a 90+ year old couple, including loads of wonderful antique primitives. I wonder if it is not a painting of a house in which the couple previously lived. 

I think it is just a fantastic little thing, painted on all sides with a number of different red doors, a mish mash of square and round windows, and a line of green grass all around the bottom. And then that fantastic roofline and exposed red brick roof! I really love whoever it is that made this!!!

3" tall X 3 5/8" wide X 2" deep and in great shape, with just a tiny bit of loss of white paint in a couple of spots that just adds to its charm.