Large Naive Watercolor Still Life: Wine Bottle and Apple

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Perhaps this one was done in a school art class, I'm not sure, but to me, there is just something really right about it, held in the balance between the watery pinks of the apple and the inked details on the neck and cork of the tall wine bottle. The background is a pale aqua, with some more saturated brish stokes above the apple. And on the label of the bottle, "France" in blue. Maybe not a masterpiece, but to my eye pretty satisfying.

Sold in the inexpensive frame I found it in: 21 1/2" x 16 1/8". Visible watercolor: 16 1/2" x 11". A few small dings and scratches to the frame, pretty minor. Watercolor is in good condition. Some glare caught in photos.  There is a sticker on the upper right corner of the glass I missed before photographing it, since removed. Signed D. Saxe. Wired on the back for hanging. Better in person than in photos. (I am happy to remove from the frame to ship more cheaply if preferred, just ask.)