Kindergarten Embroidery Card, Girl Dragging Her Dolls!

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Punch paper embroidery cards were an aspect of Froebel's kindergarten program, though I believe printed figurative ones like this were less open ended than he would have proscribed. The printed image on this one, though, I think is so good, with this girl in her hat dragging one doll by the arm like a misbehaving child, while towing another little one along behind her in a box on a string, unminded--and the face on that one really does it for me! Strange and great, especially as it seems quite at odds with the sort of kindly behavior one might wish to impart in a child as she tends to her dolls.

7 1/2" x 5 1/2". Good condition with embroidery completed, just a few light scuffs to the paper. The card was printed by Milton Bradley (MB mark lower right.)