1958 W1PTB Ham Radio QSO Card, Mailed

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I’ve been thinking that I might start actively searching for interesting old ham (amateur) radio QSO postcards—there are some pretty great ones (like this one!) out there, and they seem very much like a folk art genre to me. I also just really like the idea of stations sending cards to one another to confirm contact/receipt of signal—one (slow) method of communication confirming another (real time) one. This one was sent from W1PTB in Charlestown NH to W1JSH in Fairview MA in 1958. And the printed photo image here is almost too good to be true, with this wall of stacked transmitters and oscillators and who knows what all with homey lamp and military photo interspersed—capturing the flavor of the endeavor 100% perfectly I think.

6 1/16" x 3 15/16" and in good vintage condition, with a little light corner wear and a great message on the back: "hope to see you at hamfest!"