Kid Made Crayon & Watercolor Drawing with Branches and Butterfly by Laura Smiley

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I found this drawing/painting at the estate sale of the late NYC/Wellesley, MA artist Lois Gross Smiley, and am pretty certain it was made by her daughter, Laura,  when she was a kid. (She initiated it LS at the upper right, and perhaps it was her teacher who wrote Laura at bottom left.) In any case, it reminds me of the wonders of wax resist, achieved here with crayon, painted over with what I think is watercolor, in this terrific green. I just love the spiky black leaves on these blue and purple branches, and then that red and blue butterfly at left, and must say I take a great deal of pleasure from getting lost in it!

Painting measures 10 x 12 5/8". Framed 13 1/2" x 17 5/8" x 7/8". Very good condition, with just a little aging to the matte behind it.