Japanese Black and Red Lacquer Lidded Box With Silver and Gold Flowers and Arrows

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Can one ever have too many pretty boxes--handily storing odds and ends whole looking great doing it? This striking vintage Japanese lacquer one features a burgundy-red, scallop-edged bottom half, and top half, with handle, hand-painted with silver and gold flowers and arrows in relief. At six and a half inches in diameter, it is large enough to hold several pieces of chunky jewelry, a few sets of keys, or enough chocolates to make it through the week!

This box, which I am guessing dates from the 1940s or so, is in very good condition overall. However, the lacquer has worn off of the top face of the handle on the lid, showing the wood underneath (easily repaired) and there is a bit of loss of lacquer around the underside edge of the lid.

It measures 6.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall.