J.C. Higgins Vintage Animal Shooting Targets for Sears Roebuck Co.

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I think the graphics on these old J.C. Higgins shooting targets, c. 1940s-50s, are just terrific, and would be great framed, or used as fodder for collages, or indeed could certainly still be used for target practice--how about pinned to the dartboard? They were sold by Sears Roebuck & Co., I believe as sets of 10 (all represented here); whoever first bought these must have had expectations of doing a lot of target practice, as there are 50 here. (It seems they were most interested in shooting  squirrels, as I only have a couple of those!)

Sold individually. Reamining options are: Turkey, Fox, Raccoon, Rail Birds, and Sighter Chart. Please indicate on your order which you would like. 

Printed in black ink on cream paper, each target measures 6"x9". They are in good vintage condition, with some brittleness and darkening of the paper around the edges and some very small tears around the edges of some. 

Currently available: Target-2; Sighter-5