"It Belonged to My Mother" 1984 Large Watercolor of Wing Chair

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My parents had for many years an old wingback chair they bought not long after getting married, which, though long gone now, they still refer to as "the most beautiful chair in the world." The chair in this watercolor looks a bit like it, and this painting, titled "It Belonged to My Mother," certainly imparts it with a similar sense of reverence! And what a chair it is, with this great yellow and pink polka dotted fabric, and these fantastic serpentine blue arms and graceful legs.  One can just imagine a whole life, or number of lives, unfolding around it.

Titled, dated 7.16.84, and signed C.B. in pencil in the bottom right corner. Watercolor, pencil, and I believe yellow wax crayon on white watercolor paper. I removed this painting from a damaged frame and am selling it unframed, mounted via archival hinges on the top of the backside to white board, as detailed in photos. It is in excellent condition, as is the board to which it is attached. (It should be easy to remove from the hinges, but I would probably have it reframed exactly as is.)  The painting measures 15" tall x 11 1/4" wide. Board measures 19" x 15 1/8.