Intrepid Looking Man (Robert Southey) with Umbrella, Antique Watercolor Drawing

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As you know by now if you follow, I'm very often drawn to things for the feelings they provoke, and the way in which they might be integrated into one's life; in the case of this watercolor, it seemed a good one for hanging near the front door, for when one might needs a bit of extra fortitude to stop beyond, especially perhaps out into nasty weather! I love it too for the fact that it's got stains all around it, as if it had been carried out into the wilderness, too. A written note on the back of the frame describes the subject as "Robert Southey in 1836", copied by Alston (I believe) from a sketch by A.J Paget (or similar, I have not found a reference for the original sketch.) Robert Southey was an English Romantic poet, and poet laureate from 1813 until his death in 1843.

Framed as found: 8 1/2” x 5 7/16”; drawing 6 9/16” x 3 7/8”. Stains/toning as evident, all to the good in my opinion, frame is in good shape.