SOLD Hand-carved Alabaster Dove

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The alabaster doves I have foound most similar in manner to this one are later 19th century Italian; whether that is the case here I am not certain, but it certainly seems to have a good amount of age. This one certainly seems poised as if to perch on the edge of an urn and perhaps it once did; there is a little roughness to the flat underside of the feet but not enough to tell me for sure. Whatever the case, I love a dove, and a marble carving, and I love the combination of gray veins in the marble near the head and the nice patina on this one, as well as the torque of its neck that makes it look as if perpetually curious. Never too many bird companions I say, and one could certainly create all sorts of different perches for it now.

7 1/4” l X 3 3/8” t X 3 1/4” w and in very good condition.  A tiny bit of minor loss on front of feet.