Old Hand-braided Round Chenille Mat with Great Color

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I just couldn't resist the color on this one, which made me think how nice a grid of hand-braided mats in bold and unusual colors would be hung in a grid on the wall. (I've be thinking more and more about relationships between traditional handmade textiles and modern art, painting especially, lately, and can't look at this without thinking of 1960s-70s geometric abstraction...and targets, too!)   Most of the fabric scraps used to make this one, including the blue at center, were chenille, giving it a snuggly softness. Great at the center of the table or on the seat of a chair or in a frame or wherever!  Earlyish 20th c. I would guess. 

11 7/8" in diameter and in very good condition, tightly braided with no loose ends.