Hammering Man, Antique Framed Graphite Drawing

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I'm not entirely sure what it is that the hatted man in this antique graphite drawing is hammering away at, but I sure love how focused and industrious he looks, holding a nail in one hand and poised to take a smack at it with the hammer in the other.  I also love the tension between him and his little house versus the large viaduct behind them, as if he's fortifying his domain as best he can to stave off the inevitable future, making this drawing feel a little bittersweet.

Frames, as found: 8 13/16" x 6 3/4". Sight: 7 1/4" x 5 1/4". Drawing is signed Samuel Perry at lower right. Both drawing and frame are in very good condition, ready to hang. A bit of glare, not flaws, caught in photos. Late 19th c. or so I believe.