Unusual Antique Bone & Ebony Dominoes with Red Dots, Center Rings -- Complete Set

Regular price $140.00

A beautiful, very unusual set! I have only found one other set out there online showing carved rings like these around the brass center pins, giving them the look of targets---that set, presumed Civil War era, had blue dots and red circles and were described as patriotically themed. The bone layer on these is very thick, the dots a deep blood red, and the circles and center lines black, all in great condition with very little color loss. Great feel in the hand, great to play with, and they click clack in a most satisfying way when shuffled. Lovely.

Pieces measure 1 5/8" l x 13/16" w x 1/2" thick. A few tiny chips to the bone and a few to the ebony--all minor; the set is in great condition. No box, but I'll find something to send them in.