Girls with Dolls and Kitten / Flowers and Rope, Antique Double-sided Watercolor Drawing

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This is one of several watercolor drawings--which I find completely marvelous and clearly product of a most lively and inventive mind and hand, and which I'll be more than happy to keep for myself--that I know were salvaged from a scrapbook/sketchbook that lived from many years in the possession of a collector (of the hoarder disposition), whose huge, amazing collection was badly damaged in a flood. Such a heartbreaking thing, as the few drawings salvaged from the notebook indicate that it was quite a masterpiece! I look at and for drawings of this sort constantly, and find these to be really singular and special.

Impossible to decide which side is better on this one--one really must frame it with glass on both sides to view both! The brilliantly colored stripes and plaids and polka dots of the flouncy dresses and sashes --on the dolls as well as the humans--completely do it for me, and the faces are equally good. Plus that kitten under the (excellent) table on one side, and hopeful bouquet and jump rope (I assume, or is it a whip?) on the other. And those stockings! Every inch great and I know from trying how hard it is these days to find great ones like this.

 6 1/2" x 5 9/16" and in good condition, ink and watercolor and a little gouache too I believe. One clean tear coming up from bottom. Edges torn as evident but well done, and paper is not very brittle. Color is fantastic.