French Watercolor Girl and Dog "Au Secours!" Antique Postcard

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"Au Secours!" --Help!--cries the little girl in this charming hand-painted watercolor postcard, stamped 1906. I have enough French to get the gist of the text at left, sent to the author's dear friends reporting that she is feeling better, planning to go out tomorrow with her parents if the weather is nice, and sends a hug to the recipeints, their dog and their parents. What I am uncertain of is the first phrase-- "cinq you boco faur" [??] with boco I believe referring to something as childish or stupid, but I am not sure if the dog or the girl! 

A really wonderful little painting I think, especially that blue bow around the tugging dog's neck and the little girl's flailing arms and plaid stockings! 

Appox 3 5/8" x 5 5/8" and in great condition.