First/Very Early Edition McLaughlin Bros. "Object Teacher" Picture Book, Copyright 1884

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This is quite a rare one, and both a fun and useful one, which I have found a couple of copies of listed elsewhere in the $200-$400 range). Essentially a visual dictionary, with a key on the last page identifying each of the objects pictured, it was published by McLoughlin Bros., Inc., c. 1884. (It shows a 1884 copyright, but it is hard to know if a first or or very early edition.) McLoughlin (1858-1920, when it was sold to Milton Bradley) was a New York publishing firm that pioneered color printing technologies in children's books, as well as publishing puzzles, games, paper soldiers and paper dolls. This "Object Teacher" serves as a wonderful sort of time capsule and portrait of a wide variety of common objects of the time, represented in jam packed drawings by CJ Howard. The pages are heavyweight board with color prints adhered to both sides.

12 1/2" x 10". The spine is in rough shape but the binding is holding and the pages are in generally good condition, with a few surface tears on a couple pages, as detailed, Shipped media mail unless otherwise requested.