Fantastic Antique Dancing Doll (Uncle Sam?) with Wonderful Painted Details

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One of the best faces ever on this guy, in my humble opinion, which looks to have been rendered in watercolor with graphite underneath, and the painted details on his chest and giving a zigzag band to his hat are equally good! My guess is that he was meant to represent Uncle Sam, and I think likely dates to the 1870s or so, when representations of the character had become widely popular. Clearly, with hole in his belly for a dowel, and large, flat bottomed feet, he was made as a dancing doll, to be performed clomping--and clacking-- away. The most charming example I think I've ever seen of this type. 

17 t x 4 w x 3/4 d and in excellent antique condition. All limbs well attached and moving smoothly, gorgeous again to the paint. He will balance on his own in a few different positions and is easily hung on the wall via the hole in his belly!