SOLD Fantastic Early 19th C. Pinprick Watercolor Portrait of Beggar and Child

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I only buy things I like and would be happy to keep, but this is one of those I'd be especially fine holding on to ; I really really really love pinprick decorated watercolors, and this I believe is quite a phenomenal example. What an incredible density of tiny tiny pricked holes, making the hat and robe of this man feel quite like a cloud, and with what appear like angel wings (though perhaps a large pack) emerging from his back. The effect to my eye is of lending this beggar, and the child with him too, a sense of holiness, as if a saint having foregone earthly comforts and possessions to embark on a spiritual journey, cane in one hand and empty cup in the other, which seems as symbolic of an openness to the universe and quest for meaning as as of literal need for aid. The exposed flesh of his elbow really does it for me, too! 

11 1/8" x 8 3/8" framed; 9 5/8" x 7" sight. Very early 19th c I believe, and I think most likely French. There is a bit of tearing /loss to the surface of the paper along the bottom edge and one stray hair suspended under the glass--no matter to my eye, and I believe it has lived in this frame for quite a long time.