Fantastic Antique Old Maid Playing Card Deck, Presumed British

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I can't imagine a more charming set of Old Maid cards than these! I've never seen another set with pairs made by two unlike halves that come together to form one phrase and image (rather than pairs of two identical cards) --and what wonderful images and phrases they are! I especially love "Yum / Yum" for the kissing couple, which contrasts perfectly with "End of the / Honeymoon" right before it, and then that ring split across two sides in "Steady / Pull" with backward leaning women on either end--but really they're all so good, and the Old Maid herself, too!!!

The closest in appearance I've found is a Patriotic Old Maid set produced by Milton Bradley Co., c. 1900 (monochromatic lithograph prints like these, but featuring George Washington and the like) which sold in a Skinner Auction a few years ago. I'd guess these are just a bit older than that, and would bet they are British based on the phrases and the character of the images. All 35 cards (17 pairs plus the old maid) are here, and feature dark orange backs. There are bent corners and a few lost corners, and some stains as pictured, but I think they still look great, most worthy of framing or otherwise mounting and displaying; just wonderful!!!

Cards measure 2 1/4"x3 1/2" each.