Super (and Super Scarce) Black and Cream Modular House Blocks

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I purchased these at Brimfield from a dealer with whom I talked about old blocks for a good 20 minutes--he, like me, had a lot of knowledge about early blocks, but neither of us knew the maker of these, and he'd spent a good bit of time trying to figure it out. (I've had one related set, but not exact.) Whatever the case, they are just the sort of blocks I'm forever searching for--graphic, modernist, modular perfection with excellent paint and wear. There is slight variation to the faces of the square blocks, with one larger window/door on one of the sides, as pictured, and one plain white (cream) side on each. And the green of the roof blocks makes the perfect complement. C. 1920s or so I believe.

Large square blocks measure 2 1/8 x 2 1/8" x 2 1/8". A bit of loss to a couple roof edges, as pictured. Nine large plus eight small square blocks, plus ten large roof and two small roof blocks.