Early Wolverine Tin Litho Grocery Store Play Set, Two Tins

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Lots of rusty and crusty today, these with plenty of the former, but I think they're fun and pretty cool, and actually pretty useful too. I didn't know it when I found them, but these two tins comprise, from everything I can tell, the earliest version the Wolverine Toy Company (Pittsburgh, PA, founded 1908)"Corner Grocery Store" play set, several editions of which were produced. Originally there would have been a bunch more boxes of toy food, and from what I can tell the two tins were once one piece, which the owner of these, I believe, cut into halves. Even though pretty rusty now, I love the creamy white exteriors and green of the shelves, and especially the litho pictures of all those stacked groceries together with the checkerboard floors!

Each tin measures 11 5/8" x 7 15/16" x 1 13/16".Rust and wear and some black stains as evident, but structurally sound and I think still pretty great looking. Plus they look like books when closed and placed spine sides out on the shelf.