Unusual, Large, Hand-painted Reward of Merit with George Washington, Liberty, Joseph Brant

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I've looked at quite a good number of rewards of merit and this seems a rare and unusual one to me--extra large in size, and featuring images of George Washington (in bust portrait and in action), a classically depicted Liberty (in red robe and crowned portrait), and a soaring eagle. At lower right is a portrait of, I believe, Joseph Brant/Thayendanegea, Native American of the Mohawks, who led the Six Nations in unifying to fight for the British during the Revolutionary War, making his inclusion here seem rather surprising--but he was a complex and contested figure, and as the most prominent negotiator and diplomat of Northern indigenous peoples during the Revolution I assume his inclusion here relates to his fight for freedom on behalf of indigenous people. (Making this feel like a fairly progressive Reward of Merit.) Altogether quite an interesting one I think, 1850s-60s I believe.

6 3/8” x 2 7/8”, hand-colored, and in very good condition.