Banka Blinjoe Indonesian Pewter Box With Finely Engraved Decoration

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This round, lidded pewter box features exceptionally fine engraved details (thousands and thousands of tiny pin pricks!), making it feel like a very special thing. Early 20th century Indonesian, I believe, It features a large flower on the lid with a decorative border, and a flower and vine design around the perimeter of the base. The box is stamped Phang Kim Tjoeng and Banka Blinjoe on the bottom.

This is the sort of object one wants to arrange other things around. It would be beautiful on a tray with a selection of few other small boxes or silver-toned objects, or a dose of loveliness on your desk, holding paperclips and the like. Or display it on the vanity or in the powder room, storing jewelry, or cottonballs, or nothing at all!

The box measure 3 3/8" in diameter and is 1.75ʺ tall.  It is in very good condition and I have not attempted to polish it. The lid is slightly bent in one place, and there is one scratch on the lid near the edge.