Developmental Learning Materials Parquetry Tile Set and Design Cards

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Though intended as teaching tools for children, I could certainly amuse myself for many hours with this set of about a hundred DLM (Developmental Learning Materials) parquetry tiles, in a variety of shapes and colors. They are accompanied by a set of 20 laminated "Design Cards," intended to provide templates for learners to replicate, but also just great graphically, and as jumping off points for more  improvisatory creative play.  Both the wood tiles and the cards come in their own original boxes, printed with rows of silhouetted figures in terrific pink and orange, and with the original instructions for teaching use included. Really great. 

The design cards measures 6"x5 1/2" each x 20. The box of tiles measures 3"x5"x2 1/4"; the box of cards 6 1/2"x 5 7/8" x 3/4". There is some wear to the exterior of the boxes, but the tiles and cards and in like new condition.