Danse Macabre Antique French Hand-drawn Postcard

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I think the self-referential pen and ink drawing on this antique French postcard is pretty fabulous, with its maker portraying himself legs-up inside of the ink bottle, driven there by an army of dancing, smiling ink pens on the attack. At the center, tucked under the ink bottle, is a postcard within the postcard, locating him in Grenoble and describing the scene to his dear niece as a Danse Macabre. As a perfect final touch, he has drawn a caricature of himself on the reverse side, pointing to his name, soon to be (in 1907) obscured by a postmark! A perfect gift for a writer, and an especially empathetic one for a friend with writer's block! 

3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and in good antique condition, with an old folk mark at the top right corner.