Curious Carved Weasel (I think!) with Nibbled Nose

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Over time I've become more and more attracted to things transformed by time and the forces of nature--in this case that force likely being a mouse who nibbled away at this creature's nose! My guess is that this is meant to be a weasel, with its head, carved from a separate piece of wood and attached by post, turning all the way around in a very weasel-like manner! Definitely primitive looking, it seems to me to have a good amount of age, but I'm not certain of its origins. In any event, it's certainly an empathetic one if one is as disposed toward wounded creatures as I am!

12" long x 3" t x 1 3/4". In addition to on its nose there are a couple of small nibbles to the back of its head and a few white stains, I think thin paint. Otherwise it's in good shape!