Modernist Gouache Painting on Paper of Woman in Bedroom

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This painting on paper, gouache I believe, is one of my favorite Brimfield finds, which I removed from an unsuited frame, in part to look for, but not to find, a signature. (The unpainted border is the paper itself; the painting is not mounted to a backing sheet.) I think it's wonderfully done, and wonderfully mysterious--not quite sure what is going on here?! It appears as if our nude might be about to light, or to extinguish, the lamp beside her bed but what is it she holds in her other (apparently armless) hand? It all seems to me rather like an image from a dream, but with a marvelous crispness and clarity to the checkerboard and red cross patterns of her bedspreads, especially, and terrific treatment of those white sheets and pillow. Definitely with strong cubist and surrealist influences, I'd guess American, 1930s or 40s. Most worthy of a very nice framing job, really nice.

10" x 8" and in good condition, with a little staining/toning/foxing evident around the border, which a matte would cover, but not much visible on the painting itself.