Crusty, Drippy "Ugly" Signed Stoneware Pitcher

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The dealer I bought this pitcher from described it on his label as ugly--which of course added to my desire to grab it!  Though they've never been my thing, and are usually way out of reach, I've been paying some attention to antique folk pottery  jugs lately, to which this one, I don't think especially old, seems to pay homage. I'm not sure if the large "X"s incised into the sides were decorative or signaling rejection of this pitcher as a keeper (!), but I'm very glad they are there. At first I look the signature on the underside as Anderson Design of Maine, to which it is quite similar but which would have made it extremely anomalous; I think though that it is instead likely a CA. The more time I spend with it the more I really like, as a super visceral, chunky and funky thing.

8 1/2" t. 4 1/4" d at lip; 7 1/16" across at handle. Very good condition.