SOLD Folk Art Whirligig Man in Polychrome with Red Tin Hat

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I presume this old whirligig was meant to represent a soldier in his bright red painted tin hat with crisp brim at front, but he also makes me think of a train conductor, and in his white outfilt of a baseball player too, so I think he can swing many ways! I especially like the very long blades of his rotating arms, which still turn easily and smoothly, and with one of them touching the ground it seems as if he might be paddling a boat (or a paddle board) too! Great carved and pink painted face as well--which I especially like as it makes me think of the maker, using paint left over from other uses,  just mixing the red and white together to achieve it--just as with the resourceful, make do tin can cap. C. 1920s-30s I'd think.

12 3/4" t x 17 1/2" across at arms x 5 1/4" w. Good condition, stable and sound and stands on his own. There's a split with a little loss up one side as documented, which doesn't seem to to present issues. The blades are very sturdily attached to his arms.