Sewer Tile Folk Art Bust with Great Face

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A wonderfully folky example of sewer pipe/sewer tile pottery, this guy would have been sculpted by a factory worker at the end of the day using leftover clay. One sees some sewer tile pieces that were made using molds, but it's the hand-sculpted ones that I love, which were made as whimsies of sorts, sometimes as gifts and sometimes, as I understand it, as (often humorously exaggerated) portraits of bosses or co-workers. This guy looks to me as if in a perpetual state of being slightly unprepared and a bit trepidatious about the task at hand, but also very earnest and hopeful--maybe a factory newbie!  1st half 20th century, likely from Ohio or near. 

4" t x 3 3/4" w x 2 15/16" d and in excellent condition.