1970 Total Solar Eclipse Kodak 5x7 Color Photos - Set of Three

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I'm not especially knowledgable about eclipses or how one photographs them, but I really loved finding these in New Hampshire this week--1970 Kodak color snapshots, I believe capturing the total solar eclipse in March of that year. Compelling to me formally, and for their  otherworldly sort of green, and, of course, because they bear witness to one person's experience of a fleeting phenomenon. Plus the character of 1970s Kodak color photo prints locates them even more to that particular moment in time.  

5" x 7" each. Some surface cracking to the glossy photos evident when viewed at an angle (I tried my best to capture) and one more pronounced surface scratch/crack on the top image in first photo, as documented. I found these matted and framed, behind glass but removed them as the mat was very toned and I wanted to see them more closely! Sold as a set.