Charles Goodrich's Stellar 1862 Penmanship Practice Notebook

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I've bought and sold a lot of penmanship notebooks, but I don't think I've ever found one written (by a Charles Goodrich in 1862) in such a strong and confident hand as this one. I love these not just for the beauty of the penmanship itself, but for the poetry and potency of the words transcribed, and the extra weight imparted to them through repetition. Among my favorites here: transmutation, omnipresence, immeasurable, uncommunicated, and humiliation combined with accede. Plus grammarian, of course! The ink is very dark and crisp, with the bleed through of the reverse page showing a bit more pronounced in photos than in fact; all is very readable and very gorgeous! At the end are just a few pages repeating earlier words. I hate taking things apart, but might be inclined to extract a few pages of this one to frame. Lovely.

8 1/16" x 6 9/16". 12 pages filled front an d back (24 pages of writing.) Excellent condition.