C. 1940s Chalkware Hereford Bull Still Bank with Great Fur and Face

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This came from the Gloucester, MA estate sale of a collector of a great deal of chalkware (and many other things!)--a lot of it not so much my cup of tea, but some treasures to be found. My first thought when I spotted this guy was of a butcher shop display piece, and while I don't believe--as a coin bank--that he was that, he would certainly have been at home on the counter or in the window looking over various cuts of beef. Fabulous texture for his fur and a pretty wonderful face I think, which seems to say 'don't mess with me!'  Fun, and these Herefords seem to be quite the collectible ones.

10 1/4" l x 4 1/2" w x 6 1/16" and in good condition, wit general wear, particularly a bit of loss to the tips of the ears and a little paint loss to one side of the face.