Bright Orange 1957 Tonka Hi-Way Dept. Steam Shovel, Working

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This bright orange operable Tonka shoveler, and the tractor trailor I am listing separately, actually together formed a complete set, issued by Tonka in 1957, with the shoveler displayed sitting on the trailer. These are highly collectible and among Tonka's most iconic designs, but I bought them just because I think they're fantastic looking, and thought to list them separately because maybe for some people one bright orange truck is enough? This hand crank on one side of this steam shovel turns, tightening the chain to raise the shovel arm, the bottom of which opens when it is all the way raised. So many set ups in which this could be great, with various things displayed inside the scoop! 

Overall 12 3/8" tall x 13 3/4" long with shovel down; 21 1/2" long with shovel extended. Cab itself measures 6 3/8" tall.  Plenty of wear and some rusting. I have wiped it down but not done a thorough cleaning; definitely it would clean up some more if desired. The chain winds  smoothly and easily, but releasing the shovel art back to lowest position requires just a little finesse. The wheels roll along just fine!