Beautifully Worn and Mended Antique School Slate

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One comes across a fair number of old school slates, which are lovely object for sure, but it is the ones that look like they've been through battle (in the classroom), mended and mended and mended again, that I really love. Just think of all that has been written across the surfaces of this (real) slate, and the to and fros from school it has done; I  imagine it being thrown to the ground time and again in order for its owner/s to run off to play, or engage on playground brawls. Anyway, patina!

11 1/2" t x 8" w x 5/8" d. It's still holding together fine, and is stable, with the jointed corners (no glue) reinforced as evident. The slate itself is in good writing condition on both sides; I'll send along a few pieces of good old white chalk along with it!  19th c for sure.