Wonderfully Primitive Old Carved Root Head Coot Decoy

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I come across root head decoys now and then (usually priced out of my range!) and never fail to be surprised by their strange beauty; I find in them a perfect balance of awkwardness and grace. And this one is about as primitive as they come. I love the compact, almost round shape of the carved body with arched back and then this long, wide tail, counterpointed by the long stick neck with small pointy head. A couple of fat nails near the front and one not nailed all the way in, via which I believe it would have been tethered. A little white paint on the head, chest, and underside of the tail, and an old lead weight nailed to the bottom. I believe this is a pretty early one, late 19th/early 20th c.

8" l x 3 7/8" w x 5" t and in good shape. There is a small hairline surface split near the top of the back visible on one side, minor.