Beautiful Vintage Hand Embroidered Cotton Suzani

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There are so many gorgeous textiles out there from so many places; I am doing my best to learn about things as I find them, but am far from an expert! This beautiful piece, featuring extensive hand-embroidery on cotton and a quilted border, I believe is a Suzani, a form traditional to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries ("Suzani" comes from the Persian "Suzan", meaning needle.) With mirrors at the center of the central checkerboard of flowers, fantastic borders of tightly packed hearts and triangles with tiny crosses on top, and a terrific palette (not too bright, but strong enough to really pop on the wall), I think it is just stunning. An what a tremendous amount of work went into it! 

The piece measures 31"x31" and is in very good condition, with just a very small amount of loosening/loss of the embroidery in a couple of spots (as documented in photos), which I do not believe detracts at all from the beauty of the piece.  I think would be perfect hung above—or in lieu of—a headboard, but would be really lovely hung most anywhere.  There are two existing loops for doing so; a third is missing, though it would be easy to sew one more on.