Beautiful Early Wooden Doll from Salamanca, New York

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I purchased early doll this from a dealer with very wonderful things, and know from a note that it came from Salamanca, New York, located inside the Allegany Indian Reservation, and governed by the Seneca Nation. Whether it is Native American or not I am not certain, but definitely it is an early one, in keeping with early American bedpost dolls. And what a beautiful thing, Shaker-esque in its simplicity and perfect proportions, with a fantastic dry wood patina, smooth from handling, and with subtle variation from front to back-- more definition (deeper carving) to the shoulders on one facing side. To my eye just a perfectly resolved object, small but rather monumental in its force and presence.

4 3/8" t x 1 3/4" w x 1 5/8" d and in excellent antique condition.