Bank of Trees with View of Water and Mountains, Oil on Canvas Board

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This painting has an Arts and Craft feel to me, making me think of everything from Newcomb pottery to the paintings of Arthur Wesley Dow.  With a nice lushness about it (I especially love the  rich brown of those tree trunks), as well as brightness from the near white sky, and then this subtle spattering of orange-red flowers across the green of the foreground, which lends an extra pop and makes it feel as if a fleeting moment captured. Found in my neck of the woods, I don't think its travelled very far.

10" x 7" oil on canvas-covered artist board. C. 1930s I would guess. Uncleaned, with minor paint loss at top center and some damage to to lower edge of the board--a bit of wear and bending as documented, which placing in a frame would conceal.