Antique Wooden Folk Art US Army Horse Pull Toy

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This folk art pull toy may be my very very favorite of all of the objects I have had in the shop--to my eye, it is just super satisfyingly gorgeous. From this luscious old white paint on the horse, to the red wheels against green cart, to the black painted details and string rein pulled taut on either side...just perfect, and beautifully aged.


My guess is that this piece dates to the second half of the 19th century--based both upon looking at a lot of other wooden pull toys, and also the fact that the U.S Calvalry was established as an official branch of the United States Army in 1861, becoming a major presence in extending United States governance into the Western states, especially after the Civil War.  (The U.S. Cavalry insignia of two crossed sabers, which appears between the letters U & S. on one side of the horse, was adopted in 1851.) I was thrilled to find this piece at an antique shop in Waltham, MA, where I think it had just been delivered. Really a special thing with a fantastic presence; I'd put it somewhere where I'd see it every single day.

9 1/4" long x 8 3/4" tall x 3 3/4" wide and in great condition, with a terrific patina. There is one small split in the surface of the wood of the back leg visible on one side, which I don't think detracts at all.