Antique Strombecker Wooden Train Set - Four Locomotives Plus Eight Cars

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I've become pretty enamored of old wooden trucks and trains (in addition to everything else!), but it seems to me that anything that consumed such time, patience, and obvious passion on the part of its maker should be paid some respect and, hopefully, now find its way to a kindred spirit!

These trains (scroll through all photos to see the complete set) I purchased at the estate sale of a family in Newburyport, MA, whose recently deceased father had been an architect and great collector, and I believe these had been made by HIS father.  A bit of research leads me to believe that most if not all were made from a kit of Strombecker Steam Locomotives dating to the 1920s or 30s. There is a label glued to the bottom of one indicating that it is based on the 1863 C.P.Huntington. I just think they’re wonderful, with great details like a canon that lifts and lowers and a pump that (sort of) moves up and down as the wheels underneath it turn.

The group in full includes 4 different locomotives (two painted black, two untreated wood) in addition to eight cars. All are included in photos. All made of wood; the only other materials used are nails, glue, and paint. The longest locomotive measures 9”long x 3.5” tall. Conditions vary a bit and there a some little parts and pieces missing or loose here and there. Price is for the whole lot, though if you are interested only in specific pieces, please email me!

*Harmonica in photos sold separately!