Antique Hospital Pharmacist's Notebook with Many Remedy Recipes!

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I've gotten in the habit of opening most every old notebook I come across, especially ones with marbled paper covers, and this was as especially fun one to find. On the inside cover is written Danvers State Hospital, Hawthorne Mass, followed by the names Miss Irene Higgins, Ph.C (Pharmaceutical Chemist, I believe) and N.H Richardson, with the dates of 1913 and 1916 respectively. Inside, many many dozens of handwritten recipes for remedies (detailed in an index at the beginning) including everything from "Hair Tonic" to "Iodine Gargle" to "Tonsillitis Mixture" to "Horse Salve," along with many sorts of lotions and tonics and elixirs, as well as "Indelible Ink," "Floor Polish," and "Battery Fluid" for good measure! More than one recipe calls for the incorporation of cannabis, as well as many other sorts of herbs, and also included are notecards and correspondence with additional recipes, including "insecticide powder for lice" and several different tooth powders. Pretty fun!

Notebook measures 10 3/8" x 8" x 15/16". The exterior spine is missing, and the binding is a bit fragile but it is holding together more or less ok and the writing throughout is dark and clear.. The first 60 pages or so are filled and the rest mostly blank. and then about 15 pages of loose correspondence, note cards, clippings, etc. Much more than documented here.