Antique Jointed Folk Art Circus Dog (or Horse?)

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I purchased this wonderful old jointed wooden circus animal from a seller who had acquired a dozen or so pieces I believe by the same maker, including horses, elephants, and human performers--all fantastic, and all of which were fiercely bidded  upon at auction. He described this one as a dog, I think likely because of its scale in relation to the larger horses. I'm not completely sure, but think it's a beauty, including these great pointy leather ears, rope tail, and what appears to be a lithographed eye still on one side. Early 20th century I believe and nicely aged, with all of the legs (and ears!) moving easily allowing him to sit and stand in all sorts of positions. Very charming.

6 1/2" l x 5 3/4" t x 1 1/2" w.  Some light dings and wear to the surface, all to the good I think, and one printed eye lost.