Early O'Brien Brothers Tobacco Box Filled with Color Cube Blocks (Set of 49)

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Excellent all the way around, this is a nice old set of 49 color cubes housed in a great old O'Brien Brothers tobacco/cigar box, which reads "success is evidence of merit" along the latching front. Great color and character inside and out, including royal blue and gold paper label on the underside of the hinged lid with "gold medal" logo featuring a terrific woman's face in profile. A super box on its own, and of course I think color cubes are the best thing ever.

Box measures 9" x 8 7/8" x 2 13/16". Blocks measure 1 1/16" cubed. Some wear to the box as evident, but in a great way, and hinges are in great shape and latch hooks tightly. Color cubes are in great condition.